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    Tungsten, also known as wolfram, is a lustrous, silvery-white metal that tarnishes in air. It has the highest melting point of all other non-alloyed metals. It also has the highest tensile strength. Pure tungsten is ductile; however, impure tungsten is often brittle and hard making it difficult to work with. It is one of the five major refractory metals, meaning that it is has a very high resistance to heat and water. Its atomic number is 74 and the chemical symbol for is W.

    ShaanXi's tungsten products can be produced according to the requests of customers: tungsten bar, tungsten sheet, tungsten wire, tungsten disc, tungsten crucible, tungsten carbide and other tungsten compounds.

  • Applications

    Due to its hardness, tungsten is used in of heavy metal alloys. It is also used in military applications, and can be found in penetrating projectiles. A significant amount of tungsten, approximately 18%, is used in making high speed steel (steel that can cut through materials at higher speeds than carbon steel). Tungsten carbide, due to its hardness, makes it a key component in tools. Tungsten’s high melting point lends its properties to the aerospace industry for high-temperature applications such as electrical, heating and welding applications. It is also used in jewelry due to its wear resistance.

    Pure tungsten is used mainly in electrical applications, while tungsten compounds and alloys are used in various applications, most commonly in incandescent light bulb filaments, X-ray tubes (as both the filament and target), and superalloys.

Tungsten Sintered Bars

Manufactured through die pressing and CIP. Sintering in vacuum induction sintering furnace at temperature between 2000-2500 (2273-2773 K).
Materials: W (99.95% min.). W alloy (WAL).
Application: For further processing to semi-finished products.

Tungsten Sintered Plates/Sheets

Manufactured through die pressing and CIP. Sintering in vacuum induction sintering surnace at temperature between 2000-2500℃(2273-2773K).
Materials: W (99.95% min.).
Application: For further processing to semi-finished products.

Tungsten Square Bars

Pressing in hydraulic presses with steel dies, pre-sintering in muffle furnace, then direct resistance sintering.
Materials: W (99.95% min.). W alloy (WAL).
Application: for forging or rolling to rods and wire drawing.

Tungsten Rods

The sintered bars are worked at temperatures up to 1600 (1873 K) using processes such as forging, rolling and swaging.
Materials: W (99.95% min.).
Divided coarse forged rods, smooth forged rods and ground rods.

Tungsten Wires

Wires are manufactured from round bars by drawing, annealed and with electropolished or pickled surface.
Materials: W (99.95% min.). W alloy (WAL).
Size: 0.012-1.8mm on spool.

Tungsten-Base Heavy Alloy

Material: W-Ni-Fe (Tungsten-Nickel-Iron), W-Ni-Cu (Tungsten-Nickel-Copper). Application: radiation protection materials, counterweight materials, inertia materials, dynamic equilibrium materials, kinetic energy materials, high temperature molds, etc.

Tungsten Copper Alloy

Our tungsten copper composites are used worldwide for electrical discharge machining (EDM) and electrochemical machining (ECM) electrodes. All composite material is manufactured by the press, sinter, and infiltrate process; adhering to strict quality checks every step of the way. You can rely on the quality of our tungsten composites to provide consistent, homogeneous materials that yield high and even burning rates.
1. Arc contacts and vacuum contacts in high/medium voltage breakers or vacuum interruptors.
2. Electrodes in electric spark erosion (EDM) cutting machines.
3. Heat sinks for passive cooling of electronic devices.
4. Electrodes for resistance welding.

Tungsten Rhenium Alloy

Materials: W-Re alloys are made from Tungsten alloyed with3%,5%,25% or 26% Rhenium,which become more ductile and machineable .With good electrical properties,W-Re alloys are widely used as high temperature thermocouple materials.

Product Name Main Type Main Spec.(mm)
WRe thermocouple wire WRe3/25, WRe5/26 φ0.1,φ0.2,φ0.25, φ0.3,φ0.35,φ0.5
WRe alloy wire WRe3%, WRe5%, WRe25%, WRe26% φ0.1,φ0.2,φ0.25, φ0.3,φ0.35,φ0.5
Sheathed WRe thermocouple WRe3/25, WRe5/26 Used in vacuum,hydrogen and inert gases with working temperature range of 0~2300℃
WRe Rod/Bar WRe3%, WRe5%, WRe25%, WRe26% φ1-φ35
WRe Alloy Sheet/Plate WRe3%, WRe5%, WRe25%, WRe26% 0.2minx (10-350) x600max.
WRe Alloy Target WRe3%, WRe5%, WRe25%, WRe26% Customized as per requirement
WRe Alloy Tube WRe3%, WRe5%, WRe25%, WRe26%

Tungsten Sheets

Divided cold rolled with bright surface and hot rolled with pickled surface.
Material: W (99.95% min.), W alloy.
Size: Thickness 0.2 mm min Width 350 mm max Length

Tungsten crucibles (2 Types)

Application: For sapphire single crystal growth furnace.
1. Pressed and Sintered Tungsten crucible.
Powder is pressed and sintered to final shape geometries to meet the requirements of each furnace design.
2. Milled Tungsten Crucibles.
Material blanks are machined to the final product geometries.

Tungsten Contacts

Material: W discs composited steel rivet by copper discs, W discs composited copper rivet by silver discs.
Model: flat, sphere, hole.
Application: auto horn, electric appliance.

Molybdenum Evaporation Boats

Materials: Pure Tungsten (99.95% min)
Tungsten boat is made from Tungsten sheet through a process of cutting, bending, welding and riveting.
Tungsten boat can be used in light, electronic and military industries. It can also be used as container for rare earth smelting.

Other tungsten products